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The Undeniable: N E Z

This platform is a NEZI MOMODU STAN platform. To be perfectly clear.

This is a long overdue write up of rap's next powerhouse: Nezi Momodu. When we first heard "N.E.Z.", we were BEGGING to write about the song. The lyricism, the bravada, the effervescence of this song was bubbling out of our email inbox. Some of DJ Show's live viewers have probably heard us say how much we wanted to be able to loudly rejoice in the brilliance that is Nezi Momodu, but with great patience comes great reward.

Last week, Nezi released "N.E.Z.", the highly anticipated single from The Wordplay Queen and immediately received much deserved celebration. The video, linked below, pays homage to Momodu's inspirations.

The flawless faced rapper dons glossed lips pursed to the iconic Missy Elliot-esque fish lens, and just as quickly, Nezi flashes across the screen in a splendorous floor-length royal blue fur coat. Jaw. Drop.

Let's get to the categories:

Bop: Yes.

Oh, you want more details?

This is a CERTIFIED, SNOOP DOGG APPROVED BOP. If Uncle Snoop reposts it in his story, it's legit. The first eight seconds of the song are going to draw you in. This ain't no kiddie rap. This is real. raw. rap. bars. The first WORD of her first verse ("Muthafuckahhh") will put you in a Debo chokehold. You're GOING to want to know what she says after that, and she WILL NOT disappoint. The verses are undeniably perfect. Her flow, her tone, her syntax, her cadence on the beat-- AND THE BEAT! All combined, make for a fun pre-spring song, but will certainly have year-round play, you can bet that.

AirPods Quality: Perfection. (I've actually listened to this song multiple ways, and my favorite is in my car). This song is mixed perfectly. Produced by Beat Busta, the nostalgia of the beat, and even how it's mixed, is really refined, especially in your AirPods. You are going to want to listen to this song at its highest level, and when you do, you won't have to worry about any distortion. This song is crystal clear.

Knock Value: The production on this song doesn't call for a stupendous amount of knock, however, there is no shortage of knock in this song. Because Nezi's lyrics are so solid, and so well-delivered, her voice is it's own beat; it adds to the knock value of the song. Where some songs rely on the beat drops or for the engineer to mold the beat to the artist, it is no mystery that Nezi is able to deliver her own jaw dropping verse transitions, without the assistance of the beat. The two knock separately, and compliment each other for a really dope song.

Misogyny Meter: LET YOU GIVE ME BRAIN IN THE BLACK JAGUAR! Rap music is big on whose mouth is on who. Usually, women are the objects in the scenario, all gaping mouths for rappers in white tees. We love a rap queen reminding men that they, too, can be of service. This song is for the whole crew. We can pull up to this song like a fireside chat and bump this 100x before the sun sets.

We are very excited and proud to see what is to come for Nezi Momodu. Plan-A Radio has been a fan for a long time now. Nezi was interviewed by Ink last year during the early pandemic Femcee Fridays on Instagram. Nezi Momodu is a star, naturally. You just heard that she was hot? Then, bitch, you late!


N.E.Z. (Official Video)

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