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The whole Truth, and nothing but...

Hip hop heads, backpack rappers, boom bap beat aficionados: you’ll feel me on this one.

Bop: Kvng4way has a great rap voice. It is reminiscent of Beanie Siegel, but a little fresher. While previously, our “Bop” category has included some ass-shakery, this is a long drive vibe bop. It feels like our favorite 90s and 00s New York hip hop movies and music videos; cool blue filter, a street corner with forty niggas wearin timbs’ and Enyce hoodies. This is that feeling. The verses are so well delivered, it leaves you wanting to replay to find those lyrical easter eggs. Kvng4way has a great grasp of lyrical content, delivery, and rap appeal.

AirPods Quality: The mix on this song is a bit raw. It still sounds really good in the ‘Pods. The bass on this song can become entrancing, if you like that kind of vibe. If you’re into the backpack rap vibe, you’ll love the quality of this song. The vocals come in higher than the beat; it sounds like he’s right in your ear. You can hear the push behind his Ps, the hiss in his S’s, even the coy in his laugh between the first and second verse. The engineer did a great job of adding panning aspects of both the instrumentation AND the vocals without being overpowering or annoying. It is a brilliant touch from his production team. Kvng4way has great adlibs that are layered and textured and staggered, which sounds like a lot, but when you listen, it works really well.

Knock Value: this song knocks. Period. It’s a vibe that carries through the song. It’s consistent. It’s honest. He’s feels like his own choir. The song has a poetic build up. It feels like he recorded it in one take. And even if he didn’t, Kvng4way delivers in that raw, Method Man, aggressive tone that adds pressure to the climax of the song.

Misogyny Meter: You can play this song with the crew. The whole crew. I love that this song is uplifting everyone. Kings and Queens (NB Royalty included!), this song is a vibe for us all. We truly miss a lost of the camaraderie of hip hop when we exclude or belittle communities, and this song feels like we're ALL in the cypher, being uplifted in song.

The Truth is a great song. It’s raw and honest. It’s one of those songs. One of the songs you throw on that “chillin” playlist. If you love a good hip hop song that you can play around anybody, this is that song. It’s empowering and strong. In times when a lot of music is CAP, it’s refreshing to have a song that isn’t that; a song that remembers the craft of rap: rhythm and poetry. This song is a poem. It is a movement. If you need some truth, listen up: Kvng4way is delivering.

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