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"Gutta Lil Baby" is the new Ms. Independent

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

East Oakland rapper and producer, Milli Madik, is giving the hustlers and the independent women a new anthem to ride to with this one. “Gutta Lil Baby” is a fun and fresh song from Milli Madik’s 2020 project, Flight Plans 3, available on all streaming sites (linked below).


This is a bop. I’ll make it real easy for you. If you like a catchy song you can throw on to get everybody in the room shaking some ass, this is the one. Even the hood niggas gon’ love this one. It is a short song at just under two minutes, but it is definitely a party starter. “Gutta Lil Baby” has a modern production with a fun throwback flow. Plus, the hook is undeniable. I repeat— the hook is undeniable. You’ll find that the hook is very catchy, especially if you like that Bay Area flow that keeps the authenticity of hip hop with the call-and-response feel. We all know how crucial it is to have an attractive hook that grabs listeners attention; something you find yourself repeating throughout the day.

AirPods Quality:

The production on this song is really great. Milli Madik mixes and masters all of his music on his own, which is a tremendous amount of work. That hard work shows in the way this song comes through your AirPods. At even its highest level, the audio doesn’t crack and the bass on Gutta Lil Baby is consistent, not obnoxious. The first three chords of the song are a subtle invite to the first beat drop which leads into a fun summertime feel. Even the panning of the keys in the background isn’t too overpowering or distracting. It’s that very precise production choice that sends the vibration through your ears and down back and makes your ass shake. It’s just science at this point.

Knock Value:

Milli Madik knows what he’s doing in the production area and “Gutta Lil Baby” is proof of that. Madik knows how to take the fullness of an instrument, and use it as bass; that’s a clever way to maintain the knock throughout the song without solely relying on 808s. Not to say there’s anything wrong with 808s, but those artistic choices are what make this song, and it’s knock value, undeniable.

Misogyny Meter:

Oh yea, the bitches gon love this one. Yep. This song is so fun. It’s a hype song to the independent woman who makes her own money, has a healthy sex drive, and hustles for her own shit. Milli Madik is enamored about this woman’s work/life balance and celebrates her by singing her praises and dropping off quality D. “Gutta Lil Baby” is a celebration of the entrepreneurial women; it is a love song. Milli Madik is taking time to appreciate the hard work that hustling women put in and we love an anthem celebrating women.

Overall, “Gutta Lil Baby” is a 5/5. It is even more reason to check out the rest of Milli Madik’s music on all streaming sites linked below. Make sure to follow Milli Madik on all social media: @millimadik

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Written by Ink; @Inkverywell; 2022

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