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Our Services

Our goal is to offer the best and most impactful opportunities to indie artists. Below you will find services to help build your influence and gain exposure by adding content to your catalogue.

Radio Play

Get your music heard around the clock on Plan-A Radio! We have an online station that operates 24-hrs/day right here on our website!

Single and Album Written Reviews

Get your music heard and reviewed by Ink, our resident journalist! Each write up is crafted with care and reviewed using four categories: "Is it a bop?", Airpods Quality, Knock, and Misogyny Meter. Check our our blog here!

Reaction Videos

DJ Show is doing video reactions! Get a music video reaction video made specifically for you by any Plan-A Radio host (DJ Show, Ink, Milli Madik) and use it to promote your song! Content is king and a a great reaction video is perfect content for our digital age.

Live Music Reviews

Every day from 5pm until the wee hours, DJ Show reviews the hottest artists from around the world LIVE ON YOUTUBE! Subscribe to the YouTube channel to get your music reviewed!

Free Online Store (coming soon)

No website? No problem! Plan-A Radio will host your t-shirt design, album/single release, clothing line, stickers, keychains, YOU NAME IT!

Consulting Services

Writer's block? Need an idea? Schedule a consultation call with us and we will help you navigate that hurdle or overcome that creative block. Every artist needs help sometimes, let a fellow indie artist help YOU!

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