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Skitzo Got It With "Gone Get It"

Have you ever found yourself getting in the car, or trying to get in a bubbly mood, but can’t quite find the song? This is the song. Skitzo’s “Gone Get It” is a lighthearted flow, with an energetic vibe. Get into these categories…

Bop: This song is a great minimalist bop. The beat is simple but the flow is bubbling. This is a low-key bop; a song you can put on to perk you up before work, without worrying about missing your favorite part before you get out to clock in. I think we need to give more credit to minimalist bops; songs that just hit, without doing too much.

AirPods Quality: “Gone Get It” doesn’t skimp on production. This song is crisp, lyrics come in clear, and the beat quality doesn’t get compromised between devices. While this song is a minimalist bop, the caliber of song isn’t sacrificed at all! This song is very fun to listen to in your AirPods, especially on noise cancellation mode. Because it is a minimalist bop that doesn’t distract with too many sounds, you can crank this one up and feel it in your bones, without that crackling sound happening. Shout out to the production.

Knock Value: As mentioned, you can bump this during your workout and get a nice burn started. But it is versatile; Skitzo created something that has good knock value, but isn’t over the top; not everyone can do that. This song can be turned all the way up, and anyone within earshot is going to want to keep listening.

Misogyny Meter: This one goes UP anywhere!! A song that focuses on the money without having to belittle anyone else is a song we love. This song is inspiring and energizing. As mentioned multiple times, the minimalism is where this song shines. Skitzo stays in the pocket, and doesn’t take cheap shots at anyone else just to make a bar rhyme. Great work.

Overall, this song is really solid. Great production, great lyrics, minimalist beat, and the perfect delivery to accompany the song. Give this one a FEW listens!

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