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Tallant and his talents

Tallant Don is an artist with a unique style and sound, and his single, "Way Out," is a representation of his journey as a musician. While the song showcases his potential, it also highlights areas where he could use some improvement.

From the first beat, Tallant Don sets the tone for a personal and reflective song. "Way Out" features a simple hook and a driving beat that immediately draws the listener in. However, the lyrics lack depth, and the rhymes feel forced at times. It's clear that Tallant Don has talent, but he could benefit from working on his songwriting skills.

As the song progresses, Tallant Don delves deeper into his experiences and struggles. Also listed on his Spotify, his song "Just Like Bros" is another track featuring introspective lyrics about society. The production on this track is top-notch, with a haunting melody that perfectly complements Tallant Don's vocals.

Another highlight of his Spotify is "Refuse," a ballad that showcases Tallant Don's range. The lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, as he speaks about pressure and the pain of unfulfilled aspirations. However, the track is marred by an overly simplistic lyrics that fails to do justice to the emotion in the beat arrangement.

While Tallant Don has his flaws, there's no denying that he has put in a great deal of effort into his artistry. The production throughout his songs are consistently high-quality, and Tallant Don's delivery is confident. With some fine-tuning and a bit more experimentation, he could develop into a truly exceptional artist.

One area where Tallant Don could improve is in his songwriting. While there are moments of brilliance on the album, there are also moments where the lyrics feel generic or uninspired. If he can push himself to dig deeper and write more from the heart, he could take his music to the next level.

Overall, this is a solid delivery from Tallant Don, showcasing his potential as an artist. While there's room for improvement, it's clear that he has put in the work and has the talent to succeed. With a bit more polish and a willingness to take risks, Tallant Don could go on to do great things in the music industry.

Ink, 2023

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