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"Catch These Hands" is ready for radio

There is something special about an authentic Oakland record. You can hear the East Oakland overtone in the first three seconds-- If you know, you know. John Doe delivers us nothing short of a bop with "Catch These Hands," one of the many dope songs by the artist. I also had the pleasure of reviewing not only the song, but the music video linked here. One of the best aspects of this song is how calm the artist sounds. John Doe does a great job of honoring the beat, giving it space to breathe, and allowing his lyrics and delivery to do the rest.

Bop: Yes. As an East Oakland native, John Doe has created a space for the Oakland sound. This beat is very Oakland. When watching the video, John Doe's friend in the background is even accompanying the song with original Bay Area dances, further solidifying the authenticity of the beat and the song. This is a subtle bop. When played in the car speakers, the song hugs you from all sides and encourages you to dance and move. Get into it, y'all.

Airpods Quality: Perfection. The vocals are clear and the beat doesn't drown out John Doe's flow. The mix on "Catch These Hands" is so clean, it blends well perfectly. When you play it from your airpods, it glides into your brain like butter; a bumping production with a beautifully smooth mix makes for a great single. When your production value is high, you can get away with a lot of things that sticklers may nitpick about. But when your production is great, flow is great, and your mix is on point, you have a radio-ready song. This song is ready for KMEL.

Knock Value: 10/10. You know that feeling you get when you hop in your car on your way to the gym, and you're trying to figure out how to get in the mood but you don't want to use your workout playlist; you just want to get a lil umph going? Yea, "Catch These Hands" will do just that for you. And with the knock value, this song will have your car JOMPIN.

Misogyny Meter: The question is, "will the ladies love it?" It is no question that when women love a song, it will do great. "Knuck if you Buck" is a prime example. The club screams "YEA WE KNUCKIN A BUCKIN AND READY TO FIGHT..." because the ladies love that part/verse. "Catch These Hands" has that same potential. While the verses are not performed by a woman, the energy is there. The hook is Instagram-caption-worthy and the verses are just vague enough to be applicable to a hater of any gender.

Overall, "Catch These Hands" is a very solid song. It is simple, yet has so much personality. Even the video, though simple, there is so much personality in the locations chosen: they are outdoorsy and interesting. John Doe doesn't do too much by going out of budget but is still able to provide a decent music video for his single.

Independent artists can take note from John Doe: book the video shoot; don't worry about having 20 girls in the video or renting a Maserati. Don't worry about having a handful of cash, or any of that if you don't already have it. Allow your fans to grow with you. Allow the people who support you to do just that. And watch how things take off.

Great work, John Doe.

Ink, 2022

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