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Artist Spotlight: ItBeMG

ItBeMG is not your average artist. Coming out of South Central Los Angeles, ItBeMG exemplifies talent with his grasp of lyrical content, social media presence, and dedicated artistry. ItBeMG may very well be the artist the game has been waiting for. Through his music, ItBeMG is authentic, passionate, and definitely here to stay.

If there was ever a way to describe Floyd Mayweather as a rapper, it's ItBeMG; HE CAN'T LOSE. "Aces All Around" is the first video we were introduced to, linked here and below. From the video, you can tell ItBeMG love what he does. Everything from the lyrics and production, to filming the video for each song, ItBeMG finds joy in his work. Banks Management artist, ItBeMG enters the video in an all white denim ensemble donned with his own name on his chest. His flow is provocative; it is smooth and entrancing. ItBeMG takes pride in his work and is consistent. "Aces All Around" immediately proved that ItBeMG is tenacious and an intentional artist who is definitely worth the spotlight.

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"Aces All Around" Video || Prod. by FOTHDIMEN || Shot By Tevolaron

Many artists have been told they need to have millions of followers to be ready for the caliber of work that ItBeMG delivers. ItBeMG receives tremendous stage recognition and is currently in the middle of his recent tour; this artist is further proof that talent and hard work can take you very far (even before you hit the elusive "Instagram 10k"). ItBeMG's Instagram account (@ItBeMG) also has great quality photos uploaded. ItBeMG posts high quality photos that document his collaborative work with other artists, as well as promotes his upcoming shows and links to his clothing website where you can purchase clothing worn by ItBeMG via the clothing line Ace Or Nothing. (here). For artists who may struggle with knowing how to better streamline their accounts, take a look at ItBeMG's page, linked here, to see how he is able to stand out on social media. In the meantime, check out Day 1 of his tour vlog!

Another single by the up and coming artist titled, "Fake Love," is an anthem we can all get behind. The video, linked here, is another visual masterpiece. ItBeMG's team has a great knack for visual appeal from the orange and white balloons in "Aces All Around," to the room full of mirrors for "Fake Love."

The mirrors are perfect for the song, whose chorus states, "fake love, keep that away from me." Symbolically, it speaks, "I have to watch my own back at all times."

There is something special about an artist who can rap over any beat and maintain their authenticity. ItBeMG is a strong artist and is also very consistent. His flow is reminiscent of bay area artist, Larry June, mixed with a little Dom Kennedy, and a lot of the charm of a young Snoop Dogg. But comparisons aside, ItBeMG is a solid artist within his own right.

"Fake Love" Video || Prod. by FOTHDIMEN || Shot By Tevolaron

Going back to 2016, ItBeMG's consistency is crazy. He not only has maintained a thorough creative process that results in a steady stream of good music, but he is also has an incredibly loyal production team. ItBeMG has continued to work with Producer FOTHDIMEN and videographer Tevolaron for over 5 years. Their work has been so dependable, that they continue to deliver amazing music and visuals that have grown as ItBeMG has grown as an artist.

In June of 2020, MG released "Worth it. At the height of the pandemic, it must have been hard to pull a team together. But once again, proving that having a loyal team and a dedicated group of creatives, you can make anything happen! Linked below, ItBeMG delivers another solid song and visually appealing video. But this time, his flow shows a bit of versatility with his South Central charm.

The West Coast has birthed some of the greatest rappers of our generation and ItBeMG is definitely on his way to being apart of that elite category. ItBeMG is charming, consistent, and very, very talented; he's exactly what the game needs.

ItBeMG recently released his newest song "All Gas," available on all platforms.

"All Gas" on Spotify (linked here)


Ace or Nothing Website

Youtube ("Fake Love")


Written by Ink. 2022

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