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West LA's own Antoine Upshaw-Marshal, better known as Datta Boy, is an artist with a story to tell. He has lived several lives already including being a college graduate, a former NFL player, a youth football coach, and one of the best independent rappers in the county. Datta Boy has a powerful story that he has shared with Plan-A Radio before. In 2018, Datta Boy graced Plan-A Radio with his first interview hosted by DJ Show, Ink, King Kof, and DroBoy Govan.

During his 2018 interview for the release of The Duke Ellington Project, Datta Boy informed us of his story, the loss of his father, where he received his stage name, and his future plans in music. It was a heartfelt interview and we at Plan-A Radio have gotten the wonderful opportunity to see Datta Boy continue to flourish as a passionate artist with a lot more to offer.

Most recently, Datta Boy has released a powerful project entitled West LA Proverbs. It is gently orchestrated and sprinkled with features from the likes of UnspokenViews, Ventage, Monty Kong, Hunnit Spokes, Columbo Black and more.

To put it simply: West LA Proverbs is really good fucking album.

What makes us shake our asses? What can we use to pump us up at the gym? What sets the mood when company comes over? What creates a vibe? Every song featured on WLP is well-produced, well-written, and well-performed. Datta Boy does a great job of song placement on his albums, but even more, he is able to capture the essence of a song with a powerful music video.

Before we get into West LA Proverbs, let's discuss Datta Boy's history and videography.

In 2017, Datta Boy released the official music video for "Threat." Datta Boy and his band of masked friends avenge the death of his sister in this "Purge"-themed video. It is dark and sinister; and with the Ralph and Jose (Directors) on assignment, the video is complete with theatrics and timely graphics.

"Threat" Official Music Video Director :Ralph Laurence Mariano @ralphlaurencemarianio Asst Director: Jose Quintanilla @noface_films

When the pandemic hit, most artists slowed down, but Datta Boy continued to forge forward with the release of his "Friday"-themed music video, "Pull Up." There are some familiar faces in the video, including Plan-A Radio's own DJ Show and Ink. But most notably, our beloved Tommy "Tiny" Lister was cast to play his infamous role: "Debo".

It is only right to give honor to that day, as it is suspected to have been one of Lister's final appearances. In the West LA heat, we were blessed with Tiny's presence. He offered wisdom, inspiration, and insight into the dreams and goals that we all revealed. We were even blessed to see Monty Kong receive a good old-fashioned Debo-style chokehold. It was a day of laughter and wonder; something worth being thankful for.

Datta Boy collaborated with Lister to give away the lowrider bike featured in the music video to one lucky fan. This thoughtful social media rollout landed Datta Boy with over 5,000 views on his music video, and it is still regarded as a highly requested Plan-A radio favorite.

"Pull Up" Official Music Video starring Tommy "Tiny" Lister Director: Ralph Laurence Mariano @ralphlaurencemarianio

After releasing "Pull Up," Datta Boy went on to collaborate with Bone Crusher-- Yes, THEEEE Bone Crusher-- for the single "Go Hard." This. Song. Is. Fucking. Fire. Don't believe me, go listen on Spotify right now and you'll see why it has over 227,000 streams. Bone Crusher does his memorable "ATTENTIONNNNNN" and Datta Boy rides the beat like the seasoned professional that he is. The two work in perfect synchronicity to create one of the hottest tracks of 2021. ("Go Hard" might be one of my favorite songs by Datta Boy)

Datta Boy continues to be a dedicated artist with a wealth of talent to offer the game. West LA Proverbs is just a testament to the greatness of this West LA artist.

The third single off of the project is "Timbaland & Magoo" featuring HunnitSpokes and Monty Kong. We ALL KNOW how much I love a woman rapper, but seeing HunnitSpokes get her flowers as a feature on this song is heartwarming. She is a beautiful upcoming artist from the city who is in great company.

Monty Kong has been on the radar for a minute and is just waiting to pop. He and Ink competed at TeamBackPack NYC in 2016, and since, he's gone on to be featured in some great projects, including John Singleton's Snowfall.

"Timbaland & Magoo" is an immediate hit off of West LA Proverbs. There is a level of vulnerability in the song that deserves relishing, but Datta Boy has grown at lot, and even more, he shines.

"Timbaland & Magoo" Official Music Video featuring HunnitSpokes and Monty Kong Director: Jose Quintella (noface_Films) 2nd Camera: Alex Martinez(Amatudiosla)

Datta Boy is next up and that is an undeniable fact. He is well-packaged and dedicated to the work. He is able to budget to produce and release incredible projects and videos to accompany his music. Datta Boy is steadfast in his artistry. He knows his sound, understands his lane, and is willing to invest in himself to make his work work.

There is no wonder why he's lived so many lives. He has a lot of life and expresses joy through song. Datta Boy is able to take the lows of his life and turn them into monumental highs. Datta Boy understands how hard he needs to work to get a project done. He will lock himself in his studio and get the work done without excuses. While there is still limited presence online (trust me, I am on his head about this!), he has so much to offer. You don't want to be late to lending an ear to this artist. You will regret missing out on his rise to the top.

"Bonnie & Clyde" Official Music Video featuring Shanice Antonia Director: Jose Quintella (noface_Films)

To hear more from Datta Boy, click the links below:





Ink, 2023

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Plan-A Radio is a platform created by Indie artists FOR Indie artists. When DJ Show and I had the idea to build off of DJ Show's previous work in radio, we realized one of the most important parts of our work would be to create community for artists who would otherwise be overlooked.

When I was offered the opportunity to write about my review of Silver's music, I did the typical artist assessment as I always do: How is their social media? Do they have a website? How marketable could they be if they decided to further their music career? How do their music videos (or any videos) look?

This write-up will be different.

I will not be critiquing based on the four aforementioned criteria. I will basing my review off of the genuineness of this artist and hoping to implore the independent artist community to reach out to Silver (@poffsterling) and encourage community for someone who is building themselves up through music.

Silver's song, "Broken Memories" is a passionate and emotion-driven piece delivered via YouTube (linked here).

When Silver submitted his song to DJ Show's live, he was celebrated for his willingness to be honest and vulnerable, two things we support fully here at Plan-A Radio.

The first skill observed: Silver delivers this song in one-take. Every verse. Every hook. Every "uh." All in one take. Through tears, and deep breaths. Silver bears his soul. Delivering a song in one-take is NOT easy. It is not for the weak nor is it something can do without stumbling over their words.

The next skill observed: Authenticity takes work. Silver's tears are a genuine reflection of the emotion he likely felt when he wrote this song. We expect artists to show up as they are when they submit their music and their videos to our platform. We understand and value artists that are well-packaged and prepared for a label or to open up for a big-named artist. But the soul of artistry happens when a root is formed. That root must be genuine, it must be real, because if the root is not real, the fruit won't be real either.

Silver's song, "Broken Memories," is real. It is a heartbreaking declaration. It takes courage to write a song from your heart and then to decide to make yourself bare to the internet. Not all performances will look polished, but if you have a good ear, you can hear the potential of an artist and the willingness. With the support of our community, Silver could improve his music in a way that is widely well-received, outside of Plan-A Radio.

The lyrics could use some work, but because of Silver's passionate performance, it's hard to not be moved by this song. Feeling "twisted" is something we've all felt. Feeling as though we've disappointed someone we love, or even disappointed ourselves, can be universal. Silver invites listeners to his pain.

We appreciate Silver for his transparency. If it were not for artists like Silver, we would not have fanbases for artists like Immortal Technique, XXXtentacion, Juice WRLD, Eminem. The willingness to be open with their fans made millions of people gravitate to their music. Their sadness is necessary. Silver's sadness in "Broken Memories" is necessary.

Thank you, Silver, for your song submission and for your vulnerability. Continue to submit your music and trust us to hold space for you. Trust that we, indie artists and fans, are willing to build community with you. We encourage you to keep going; keep creating music and keep submitting. Think of your fellow indie artist, Clinton, who has submitted music to the live for almost a year. He didn't always receive rave reviews on his music but he is now one of the most highly requested artists on the platform. He continues to create and create and create. Silver, continue to create. Never let that intensity you have to be authentic and to bare your soul die down. Live. Live loudly. Live proudly. Be a force through your music. Plan-A Radio supports you.

Keep. Fucking. Going.

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"Afterlife" is one of FIVE completed projects by South LA artist, Yung Slap. The first time I heard this album, I thought I had turned on Lil Weezy circa 2004-- his "Go DJ" era. "Afterlife," the introductory song to this project, is such a fire track, you are going to want to keep listening to see how Slap plans to keep you bouncing. Yung Slap seems to be the kind of artist that you can't say "no" to-- undeniably talented. This album will have you saying, "aye, this shit SLAP!"

Yung Slap comes from a wonderful mother who supports him wholeheartedly, and inspires us here at Plan-A Radio continuously. We have had the blessed opportunity to see Yung Slap grow and blossom over the last few years. As supportive as Mama Slap is to Yung Slap, she continues to light a fire beneath the feet of the Plan-A Radio team as well. She sees a magic in her son, and that very magic exudes all over his albums. Yung Slap is charismatic, he is creative, he is talented, and most importantly-- Yung Slap is excited to do this and understands that in order to win, you must have the right support (shoutout Mama Slap) and you must have the drive.

Yung Slap was made for this.

Bop: The song that jumped out and grabbed me delivery-wise is the intro track, "Afterlife." It's just FIRE. STRAIGHT FIRE. But the song that is an OVERALL BOP is "Birthday." That song is club-ready. If I could suggest anything it would be to start circling that song to strippers like yesterday. The beat is addicting. The snares hit like when Lil Jon was making summer hits back to back; they give a lot to the track and help carry the bouncity bounce of the song; and that's where the ass shaking comes from. The switch up between the bass and snare also give a really textured vibe to the song. It elevates the song and gives the listeners (and the skrippas) some creativity when shaking ass to it. If you need to know which song to turn on first, it is "Birthday"

Airpods Quality: "Heart Cold" has the best mix on the album. It is very bass heavy but mixes really well with Yung Slap's vocals. He is nasty on this track. He's letting his heart out on this song, but keeps a level of what the hood niggas love. The beat is a slapper and he gets straight to the point with his lyrics. I love the key changes in the song. If you listen to this song with the wrong speakers, you could miss the personality of this beat. It is a vibe that, when you play at close range (in your airpods), becomes the soundtrack of that moment-- you can almost smell the burning rubber from The Takeover on Western (iykyk).

The West can't go wrong. I understand how biased that must seem, but think about it: LA has the women everybody wants, the weed everybody tries to get, and the weather no state can imitate. The West just can't go wrong! Yung Slap is dancing all over this album and laughing in the face of anyone who isn't grinding as hard as he is. Because, all emotions aside (pun fully intended), The West births brilliant artists and Yung Slap is another confirmation of that truth.

Knock Value: "Broken" is THE one. It has the best beat, the rawest lyrics, and great production; the trifecta. As mentioned, Slap is the truth when it comes to creating a complete project that covers all the bases. Are the beats good? Do the lyrics have some substance? Can you dance to it? All YESES. "Broken" is where Slap made all of his gifts meet on one track. This song is creative, but honest. "Broken" is cocky, but inviting. Slap is a versatile artist with a lot to offer.

Misogyny Meter: "Where you at baby? Do you need a bag baby?" These are the questions women want to be asked! This song is kind of on-the-nose, but it's just those kind of songs that carry folks through their careers. The keys in the background give the song a summer vibe, and invite the feeling of love to the track. It is a simple track that doesn't ask a lot from the listener, plus, we get to see a softer side of Yung Slap. He's singing to us on the track and y'all know how I feel about a crooner. If they're crooning, they're alright in my book. We need more love songs in hip-hop, and what's more loving that sliding your girl a bag!?

After you check out "Afterlife," please give Yung Slap's other projects a listen. Especially "All Emotions Aside," which has a feature from the late, great, Young B The Future. Yung Slap has five completed projects that will give you the essence of LA without having to land at LAX. You can see the influence from the Bangin on Wax era all through Yung Slap's music. He is determined and gifted. Yung Slap isn't afraid to be vulnerable on a track, nor is he afraid of eating the beat up and leaving no crumbs. Overall, Yung Slap is an incredible artist with a wealth of talent to offer. Be on the lookout for what he has to give us next.


Clothing line: Bail Money Clothing


Ink, 2022

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