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YBD OPS brings the breeze to Stoners Paradise

Updated: Jan 29, 2022


Track 13 - Remember My Name

I love a catchy hook! This is one of those songs where you will find yourself singing the hook throughout the day. (DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE THE MAN AGAIN!) It’s almost like trap affirmations (trapfirmations, if you will). But who doesn’t want to be remembered? This is a song you bump before you go into that really important meeting, or before leg day at the gym. Remember My Name feels like one of the hypest songs on the album. It is an absolute bop.

AirPods Quality

Track 5 - Damaged

If you’ve tuned into DJ Show’s Back Bathroom Radio show on Instagram, you’ve likely heard this song once or twice. But every time feels like the first time. The AirPods Quality is wonderful on this song. His vocals are just barely modified, which keeps him from sounding too auto-tuned. In fact— the autotune fits really well for the song. Damaged is really bright and upbeat. YBD OPS is always going to pop his shit, that’s what makes him such a fun artist.

Knock Value

Track 11 - Beam Me Up

This beat goes CRAZY. YBD OPS is great for a melodic intro, but Beam Me Up has a 6-beat intro that builds up for a great hook. By now, you’ve probably heard some Lil Uzi Vert inspiration floating throughout the project, and I love a good Hip Hop-Rock mash up. This song is one of my favorites on the album. (WAIT- WATCH ME SAUCE IT; BITCH! I AM COOKIN!) is where you really get into the energy of this song.

Misogyny Meter

Track 3 - Emotions

If you’ve never had a summer love, you won’t understand the love in this song. If you’ve never spent summer nights watching the sun set with your summer boo; bonfires and natural suntans; the smell of shea butter and lemonade; this is that song. Emotions is the song you play for your boo. We know YBD OPS is a G, we love a hopeless romantic who can pull off demon time.

Stoners Paradise is a great project, especially if you’re into Lil Uzi Vert/Juice Wrld/Travis Scott type music with some great romantic bops. You’ll enjoy this album if you love an album with consistent energy throughout. Listen to Stoners Paradise if you like an upbeat album that talks that SHIT. Trust me, YBD OPS is one to look out for.



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