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Tobin Kirk croons us with this Southern gem...

Think "Honeysuckle Rose" or "Country Strong," Tobin Kirk has a beautiful collection of country music to get your boots moving! Tobin Kirk has a beautiful voice that carries so much soul, so much energy, and so much love throughout this songs. This is a highly anticipated song review for Plan-A Radio and for Country Music lovers because selecting which Tobin Kirk song we were going to review was really hard. Tobin has a John Prine-inspired catalogue that is made of pure steel; Tobin Kirk is secure in the type of music he creates and is able to deliver a versatile catalogue, while still remaining true to his beautiful craft of Country Music.

Bop: YES!! "Get To Work" is a Country gem. The strings are plunky without crashing into each other on the track. And Tobin Kirk's voice is unbelievably gorgeous. He is assertive and his doughty delivery make for the perfect love song. "Get To Work" feels like the perfect song to play when Sam meets Kissin Kate in the Disney film, "Holes." Tobin sings about his natural ability to be a preservationist, a fixer, a love-maker. "Get To Work" is simple and kind. It is a beautiful admission of love through service; something we all hope to have when we fall in love.

Airpods Quality: You will LOVE listening to this in your airpods. None of Tobin's music is mixed cheaply. You can tell he invested in his music to make sure he gets the best quality sound from his songs. Every song on Spotify is velvet to the ears. There is no popping or cracking in his mix, there are hardly any banana sounds in ANY of his songs, which is super hard to be mindful of unless you have a thoughtful engineer. "Get To Work," especially, strums its way into our hearts over here at Plan-A Radio.

Knock Value: This song is all guitar and percussion-- no bass. But that doesn't, AT ALL, take away from the beauty of this song. If you like bumping music in your car, you like bumping music in your car, the presence or absence of KNOCK in the song won't take that away. With that, "Get To Work" is a song that doesn't necessarily knock but it does. This song does its job to establish Tobin Kirk as one of the stars on the rise in the Country Music industry. It is hard to break into the Country Music industry, but if anybody has a shot at being the next Willie Nelson or Luke Bryan, it is Tobin Kirk.

Misogyny Meter: Play this around your main when he starts acting up so you can let him know, "Tobin Kirk said whatever needs done, he'll do it! What's your problem??" 😂. This is such a beautiful song from the first guitar strum to the last word of Tobin Kirk's lyrics, "Get To Work" hand-delivers us a beautiful record; almost a wedding song. "Get To Work" is thoughtful and melodic and invites listeners of all genders to enjoy the beauty that is being selfless in love.

It is an honor when genres other than Hip Hop come to Plan-A Radio for a review because it gives us a chance to truly highlight the diversity in music that still exists. Tobin Kirk is a brilliant artist (ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT). He makes country music that is consistent and thoughtful, but is really beautifully written, delivered, mixed and mastered for a listener's enjoyment.

Check out Tobin Kirk's music and be sure to follow Tobin Kirk on all platforms below!

Ink, 2022

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