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Shine like Sterling Silver

Plan-A Radio is a platform created by Indie artists FOR Indie artists. When DJ Show and I had the idea to build off of DJ Show's previous work in radio, we realized one of the most important parts of our work would be to create community for artists who would otherwise be overlooked.

When I was offered the opportunity to write about my review of Silver's music, I did the typical artist assessment as I always do: How is their social media? Do they have a website? How marketable could they be if they decided to further their music career? How do their music videos (or any videos) look?

This write-up will be different.

I will not be critiquing based on the four aforementioned criteria. I will basing my review off of the genuineness of this artist and hoping to implore the independent artist community to reach out to Silver (@poffsterling) and encourage community for someone who is building themselves up through music.

Silver's song, "Broken Memories" is a passionate and emotion-driven piece delivered via YouTube (linked here).

When Silver submitted his song to DJ Show's live, he was celebrated for his willingness to be honest and vulnerable, two things we support fully here at Plan-A Radio.

The first skill observed: Silver delivers this song in one-take. Every verse. Every hook. Every "uh." All in one take. Through tears, and deep breaths. Silver bears his soul. Delivering a song in one-take is NOT easy. It is not for the weak nor is it something can do without stumbling over their words.

The next skill observed: Authenticity takes work. Silver's tears are a genuine reflection of the emotion he likely felt when he wrote this song. We expect artists to show up as they are when they submit their music and their videos to our platform. We understand and value artists that are well-packaged and prepared for a label or to open up for a big-named artist. But the soul of artistry happens when a root is formed. That root must be genuine, it must be real, because if the root is not real, the fruit won't be real either.

Silver's song, "Broken Memories," is real. It is a heartbreaking declaration. It takes courage to write a song from your heart and then to decide to make yourself bare to the internet. Not all performances will look polished, but if you have a good ear, you can hear the potential of an artist and the willingness. With the support of our community, Silver could improve his music in a way that is widely well-received, outside of Plan-A Radio.

The lyrics could use some work, but because of Silver's passionate performance, it's hard to not be moved by this song. Feeling "twisted" is something we've all felt. Feeling as though we've disappointed someone we love, or even disappointed ourselves, can be universal. Silver invites listeners to his pain.

We appreciate Silver for his transparency. If it were not for artists like Silver, we would not have fanbases for artists like Immortal Technique, XXXtentacion, Juice WRLD, Eminem. The willingness to be open with their fans made millions of people gravitate to their music. Their sadness is necessary. Silver's sadness in "Broken Memories" is necessary.

Thank you, Silver, for your song submission and for your vulnerability. Continue to submit your music and trust us to hold space for you. Trust that we, indie artists and fans, are willing to build community with you. We encourage you to keep going; keep creating music and keep submitting. Think of your fellow indie artist, Clinton, who has submitted music to the live for almost a year. He didn't always receive rave reviews on his music but he is now one of the most highly requested artists on the platform. He continues to create and create and create. Silver, continue to create. Never let that intensity you have to be authentic and to bare your soul die down. Live. Live loudly. Live proudly. Be a force through your music. Plan-A Radio supports you.

Keep. Fucking. Going.

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