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Kyee: The Show Stopper

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

The West Coast continues to deliver talented artists who understand their sound and Kyee is here to prove that very point. "L.M.S.M" is a heartfelt bubbly song reminiscent of the 00's ear RnB; it is funky; it pops; and it is beautifully melodic. The song samples Mooreyardi's "It's Gon Be Alright," and offers a beautiful chorus in return. With the accompanied music video, Kyee delivers a colorful visual to this love song. The video is so fun! Kyee even incorporates a dance ensemble, which is one of the truest signs of a talented artist. It's giving Beyoncé, y'all.

Bop: If you enjoy Beyoncé, or appreciate Lauryn Hill's pen, then you'll love this song. Kyee is an Oakland native, so it is only appropriate that she delivers a bop that is all encompassing of the phenomenal artist that she is. This song is even more amplified by the incredible music video which features dancing and playfulness from the cast. Kyee's "L.M.S.M" is a bop, for sure. You will absolutely enjoy this song and the music video (linked here).

Airpods Quality: It is rare to have heard such a beautifully mixed song. This song comes out of your airpods like butter; so smooth and so rich. The guitar isn't too plunky, it falls into the fold of the production-- very hand in hand. Kyee's vocals are also perfect. Nothing more could be done to perfect the sound of this song and how it travels through your ears. Kyee places herself amongst a host of beautifully raspy singers like Mariah Carey, Brandy, and Sade.

Knock Value: Out. Of. The. Park. What a stellar song from an incredible independent artist. "L.M.S.M." is a 10 out of 10 in Knock Value. It is beautifully crafted, it is well produced, it is phenomenally delivered, and well packaged. Kyee is SPITTIN on this song. She gives honor to the beat with her melodic pauses. You can hear the Missy Elliot influence with the space she gives the beat to exist alongside her beautiful voice and lyrics. She even sends us out of the song by adding her vocals to the harmony in the background. Spectacular.

Misogyny Meter: "L.M.S.M." is the song to sub your ex to 😂. It is fully inclusive and can be sang by all (it's even appropriate for the kiddos).

Kyee has a certified banger with this one. It is radio ready and should be getting shopped around to labels immediately. Kyee is a well packaged independent artist with a lot to offer the game. You can tell she has a hip hop influence, but the lady is all soul. Kyee is the next up in the R&B game. We have been awaiting someone like this who can appeal to a younger demographic, but come with some roots as well.

Be sure to follow Kyee the social media platforms linked below, and check out her video, "L.M.S.M" (Love Me, Show Me) below and on Youtube.





L.M.S.M Song links

Ink, 2022

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1 Comment

Ms. Mina
Ms. Mina
May 31, 2023

I appreciate the breakdown given in this article. From the sound quality to the mood.

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