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It's looking "Lovely" for Parry Tunes

An artist with a large catalogue of music gives a lot to choose from when reviewing their music. It is like navigating a museum of inspiration; the love songs, the heartbreaks, the joy, the turn-up, and the come down; all elements of a multifaceted artist. Parry Tunes has a great selection of music to choose from. While his most recent single, "Go Parry" is fun and entertaining, the song that leapt out was "Lovely." Invited by a beautiful piano harmony, "Lovely" gives a great blueprint of the kind of artist Parry Tunes is; he is melodic and thoughtful in this song. There is a distinct influence from Future in this song, but Parry Tunes promises that this song will be lovely.

Bop: Immediately, you are greeted by a beautiful piano harmony that pulls at your heartstrings. It is a somber melody that is accompanied by a funky snare and Parry Tunes' kind vocals. He holds his voice in a gentle way that holds space for the synth and trap production. This is absolutely a bop; especially if you're into Trap'n'B type music.

Airpods Quality: The production of this song is very solid. The keys are incredibly inviting to your ears, and how the beat swings from left to right; "Lovely" is delight to listen to. Parry Tunes' vocals do not overpower the song, they work in pretty perfect synchronicity. This is a song you can add to any playlist. It reminds me of something Gunna or Lil Baby would hop on.

Knock Value: This is a really dope ass song. It has a decent amount of knock value but the keys and the strings are so addicting, it also feels like a chill beach vibe. Parry Tunes has a wide range of music that will have your car knockin throughout the streets. Songs like "Go Parry," "Flexinn," or "Yao Ming" will put you in your zone with heavy 808s and pseudo-dark lyrics. But "Lovely" is a different kind of vibe. The knock value is well built into the song. It won't have your speakers THUMPIN, but it will put you in the mood if you're into Lil Durk or, as mentioned earlier, Future.

Misogyny Meter: This is a party song, so it's for everybody. It is beautiful and melodic, but encouraging and fun. The essence of rap is not lost in the melody; it is amplified by the lyrics. Parry Tunes does a great job of making an inclusive song with a truly beautiful production.

As I always say, please take the time to link up with the artists we review. Especially those that have great production value in their songs. Independent artists, like Parry Tunes, work hard to have their music heard and to be able to collaborate with folks in the world. The more we work together, the more we can break through without needing to sign our lives away. Parry Tunes has a great body of work available to listen on all platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. He has worked hard to release music consistently and his growth is very evident. The production of his work has improved incredibly over just the last year, so I am excited to see what he has in store for us in this last half of 2022.

Stay connected to Parry Tunes via the social links below!

Ink, 2022

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