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Dream big with Apollo King 47

Apollo King 47 has created a solid acoustic tune with "Patron;" accompanied by a Richie Picasso visual, Apollo King 47 croons over his own acoustic production. A humble artist from Tenosique De Pino Suarez, Tabasco, Mexico, Apollo King 47 gives us an international song to vibe along to that is sanguine, vulnerable, and hopeful about building a life for yourself.

Bop: This is an acoustic mellow vibe, and Apollo King 47 is a crooner, for sure. Most of the songs in his catalogue are romantic, yet they are genuine, much like "Patron." It is clear that his songwriting concentrates on a heavy Baby Bash influence (whose first album was also released independently 😉). We love authenticity, especially from our international artists who often experience discrimination from predominantly English-speaking platforms. The joy comes in being able to experience a Spanish-speaking artist, digest their lyrics, and honor the space in-between. Love is a universal language, and Apollo King 47 has given us something to bop to with "Patron".

Airpods Quality: As can be expected with an Indie Artist, the mix on the song is a bit raw. However, this adds a lot of character to this acoustic song in its entirety. It feels like being invited to an intimate concert; like MTV's Unplugged. If you love a good acoustic song to add to your playlist, give Apollo King 47 a listen.

Knock Value: I wouldn't consider this a song that will have the speakers knocking screws loose. It is acoustic and inspirational. The knock comes with the feeling put into the song. As mentioned earlier, love is a universal language-- it is felt. Speaking of dreams for yourself and the life you want is empathetic, because who doesn't have dreams? Try not to expect your speakers to be JOMPIN; this is a ballad; a love letter to the self; it begs to question: how big can you dream?

Misogyny Meter: There are a few instances that could make one wince, but we can let this one slide. I'll give it a 6/10.

Overall, "Patron" is a very solid song from international artist, Apollo King 47. The song has been well-received and has even been reviewed by Plan-A Radio co-founder, DJ Show (linked here).

Make sure to check out Apollo King 47 on all platforms linked below.




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Ink, 2022

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