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A voice to be heard: Uni'Verss

Independent artists have so much to offer, and Uni'Verss is proof. This melodic flowicist is bringing vocals, lyrics, and soul with her single, "Emergency." When I first heard this song, I was absolutely blown away by her vocal stacking and the authenticity of her voice; Uni'verss (Tamara Bradshaw) has a pillowy rasp that draws you in, and lyrics that will wake you up.

Bop: Uni'Verss is a Jamaican artist, born in Chicago, and you can hear the influence in this bouncy song. She offers so much lyrically in this song; it is gentle and political. You can appreciate the rawness in production. There could be more honor to her vocals in the mix. Uni'Verss has a beautiful voice and offers us a lot of layers that I would have loved to hear more of during the lulls of the song. But none of this takes away from the beauty of the song nor message.

AirPods Quality: Immediately, the song comes in hot, so it is perfect for a morning motivation or workout playlist. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of vocals offered throughout the song and they sway so it gives a lot of auditory joy. Uni'Verss has a great voice and she understands how to layer for her ranges. She is very skilled that way. This song is intricate and delicate, and though it comes in very hot, it plays very well from your airpods.

Knock Value: There is a clear caribbean influence to this song; lyrically and within the production. The bass and drums play like a live band was in the studio with her during its conception. "Emergency" knocks and she knows it; the build up throughout the song is honest and vulnerable. Uni'Verss is an authentic artist that we love to see.

Misogyny Meter: Women continue to dominate on this platform, and thus, songs created by women are often universally palatable because they are inclusive and often vulnerable. Uni'Verss upholds that truth with a beautifully written and empowering wake up call that we all should be listening to; and in that, checking out this song opens the listeners up to honoring the voices of the women around them. We are in a state of emergency, and we should thank the artists that are taking their time (when everyone else seems to be choosing to party through the collapse [which is ALSO totally fine])-- to reflect our current conditions. Nina Simone would be proud.

Check out "Emergency" now playing HERE on and on her website at:

Ink, 2022

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