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A rendezvous with Suthurn Faze

Just when folks thought we were losing R&B, Suthurn Faze blesses us with this lighthearted

rhythmic tune titled, "Undercover". It is mysterious with its dark keys and deep stacked vocals; it is also nostalgic like 112 in the Bad Boy days; and there is no shortage of sexy even down to the last eight seconds which feel like a passionate rendezvous in elegant hotel. You'll enjoy "Undercover," but let's get into why you'll like this song...

Bop: If you've had a chance to listen to Suthurn Faze's catalogue on Spotify, you'll hear a wide range of solid and soulful music from hip hop to eclectic instrumentals, and even this bippity bop, "Undercover." Sexy and relatable; the lyrics provide imagery that make this song about an illicit affair feel like a legitimate fairy tale. Suthurn Faze even gave us a few rap bars toward the end of the song to show his versatility. Overall, a solid song with a lot of love to offer.

Airpods Quality: The mix on the song is a bit cloudy, however, the stacked vocals make the song sound that much more intimate, hot, and heavy. I'm not sure if the intention was to make the song feel like a really sexy meeting at the bar, but that's exactly the vibe. There are a few moments where the vocals come in hot, but are quickly swept up by those nostalgic stacked harmonies reminiscent of the early 2000s when Case and Jaheim were flooding the radio with those stacked tracks of Hood Nigga Harmonies©.

Knock Value: This song has a nice bit of bass that you can grind and wind to. As mentioned, it is very sexy song. Being someone's Undercover lover is a heart-palpitating and gut-wrenching affair; and that anxiety shows up through the knock of this song and the long breathy pause at the end that feels like an extended climax. What a ride...

Misogyny Meter: I give credit to an artist that can add so much sexy energy into one song. It feels consensual but naughty; it feels raunchy but soulful. Suthurn Faze definitely checked off quite a few boxes with this one.

Overall, this song is really good, it just needs proper mixing to pull the fullness of those vocals out. We want to hear how great this artist sings the first time we listen. Luckily, I have the honor of being able to really dissect a song and listen to it a few dozen times before I even begin writing about it. This time gives me a chance to honor the music, respect the artist's hard work, and properly review the music. This song just needs the right mixing and I could definitely hear this song on the radio or even in a movie during a really hot and heavy scene between the protagonist and their secret lover.

Give Suthurn Faze a listen if you'd like a good mix of music to vibe out to. His entire catalogue is really decent. We always have room for improvement and as an independent artist, you have even more space to grow and change.

Great song, Faze.

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